"Your first choice for rock, sand and topsoil"

Hillside landscaping

A combined use of boulders and 4"-6" gabion rock provide a stable and low maintenance option for a hillside.


Boulders as support and landscaping

The use of boulders combined with shrubs and organic ground cover. The boulders are excellent for holding the hillside.



Wall rock make an excellent structural support for terracing your yard. We have different sizes to meet your needs.


Pea gravel and bolders

Use of pea gravel combined with boulders and low maintenance shrubs make this yard very low maintainance and provides for good drainage.


Pea gravel and various small boulders

Use of pea gravel combined with larger rock make this landscape feature very low maintenance and provides for good drainage.


Drain Rock

River rocks make this part of the yard very low maintenance. Note this landscape design feature is next to the driveway and will stand up to foot traffic and provide excellent drainage.